COSCIA retains deep roots, commonly with many other Italian companies born in the early twentieth century: original and authentic values maintained over time, and the story of a founder, considered as a pioneer in his field.
Passion, talent, and devotion have always been COSCIA’s traits.

Japanese Pearls
COLOUR: shades from white to champagne
SIZE: 1 to 9 mm in diameter
Japanese pearls are probably the best known and most appreciated in the world.
They come from the Martensii Pinctada oyster, cultivated in the Japanese bays.

COLOUR: from white with silver shades to golden-yellow nuances.
SIZE: from 8 to 22 mm in diameter. South sea pearls are cultivated along the north-western coasts of australia. They grow in large shells, called pinctada maxima.
TAHITIAN – or Black Pearls
COLOUR: from pale yellow to black with green shades, like the green-winged fly.
SIZE: from 8 to 22 mm in diameter.
Black Pearls originate from the Pincatada Margaritifera Cumingi, cultivated in the Polynesian seas of Tahiti.

Fresh Water
COLOUR: white, pinkish or peach-colored, they presents a wide range of shades, from lilac to salmon or orange tones
SIZE: from 2 to 12 mm in diameter
Fresh water pearls are mainly cultivated in China, in lakes, rivers and manmade ponds located in the West districts of Shanghai. They originate from a mollusk species called Hyriopsis Schlegeli Cumingii, commonly known as the “triangle mussel”.