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COSCIA Couture is a celebration of elegance. Pearls Jewellery, becoming true works of art, represents, in a refined and never excessive way, the preciousness which every woman desires and every woman deserves!

Collection Basic

COSCIA retains deep roots, commonly with many other Italian companies born in the early twentieth century: original and authentic values maintained over time, and the story of a founder, considered as a pioneer in his field.
Passion, talent, and devotion have always been COSCIA’s traits.

Lelune Classic

Piccoli gioielli di perla dal grande fascino. Per la donna che ama sentirsi ammirata, Per l’amante appassionata. Per la donna che sogna e fa sognare.

Lelune Glamour

The mysterious and boundless elegance of the pearls that, like silvery moons with iridescent reflections, illuminate the sky of beauty.

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