The cameo is the result of a sophisticated technique which consists in carving a relief image on a precious sea shell. The first phase of work is the sketching of the image in its essential volumes to be engraved on the surface of the shell. Then, gradually the engraver defines all the other subjects, and finally he engrave the details of the figure in relief. This is all carried out by hand by the use of engraving tools, which are varied in thickness. The finer the details of the engraving is, the more thick is the tool. The technical skill, creativity and artistic sense of the craftsman produces a unique piece of art.

The most suitable shells for the realization of cameos, belong to the Cassis and Cassis Rufa Madagascarensis shell families, as the surfaces of both shells have two distinct layers of different colours, and that makes it possible to clearly isolate the figure in base-relief from the bottom, resulting in a fascinating three-dimensional effect. By virtue of a centuries-old tradition in a contemporary HIP offers beautiful jewelry which cleverly combine classic and modern style.