Basic Collection

Elegance is the only beauty that never fades


LBRNFW 18 ø pearls 9,5-10

LBRNFW 18.1 ø pearls 9,5-10

LBBRFW31 ø pearls 9-10

LBBRFW31.1 ø pearls 9-10

LBBRFW33 ø pearls 11

LBBRFW33.1 ø pearls 11

LBEPNFW 18 ø pearls 9,5-10

LBNKFW27 ø pearls 9-10

LBNKFW27.1 ø pearls 9-10

LBNKFW28 ø pearls 11

LBNKFW28.1 ø pearls 11

LBNKFW29 ø pearls 9-10

LBNKFW29.1 ø pearls 9-10

LBNKFW30 ø pearls 11

LBNKFW30.1 ø pearls 11

LBPNFW 18.1 ø pearls 9,5-10



BEAFW037-037.1 ø pearls 9-10,5

LBEAFW 032.1 ø pearls 13-14

LBEAFW 033.1 ø pearls 13-14

LBEAFW 033.2 ø pearls 11

LBEAFW 036.1-036.2 ø pearls 9-10,5

LBEAFW 18 ø pearls 8,5-9

LBEAFW 18.1 ø pearls 8,5-9

LBEAFW 640 ø pearls 9,5-10

LBEAFW 641 ø pearls 9,5-10

LBEAFW 642 ø pearls 9,5-10

LBEAFW 643 ø pearls 10-10,5

LBEAFW 644 ø pearls 11-11,5

LBEAFW 675 ø pearls 9-9,5

LBEAFW 676 ø pearls 11

LBEAFW 678 ø pearls 9,5-10

LBEAFW 679 ø pearls 9,5-10

LBEAFW 680 ø pearls 9-9,5

LBEAFW 685 ø pearls 9,5-10

LBEAFW 686 ø pearls 9,5-10

LBEAFW 687 ø pearls 9,5-10

LBEAFW00.100-105 ø pearls 9,5-10,5

LBEAFW01.95-115 ø pearls 9-11,5

LBEAFW010-010.1 ø pearls 9-10,5

LBEAFW888 ø pearls 9-10,5

LBEAFW888.1 ø pearls 9-10

LBEAFW888.2 ø pearls 9-10,5

The quality and the value of pearls depends on five key factors: shape, size, colour, surface and orient.

The most valuable pearl is the spherical one, which evokes the idea of perfection. Equally fascinating is the Baroque pearl, with its particular irregularities.

Each oyster gives pearls different diameters, which is critical to determine their value.

The colour of a pearl varies, depending on the type of the oyster it comes from. To assess the beauty of its colour, it is necessary to place the pearl on a white surface, illuminated by lamps without UV rays. In this way it is possible to appreciate the different shades of the colours.

The surface of the pearl should be as much smooth and polished as possible, without blemishes or defects.

The orient is a technical parameter that defines the iridescence of the pearl. The iridescence is the capability to reflect light.

Some good advice
In order to preserve the luster of pearls we suggest to avoid wearing them when using perfume or cosmetics. Clean them with a damp cotton cloth and store them in a cloth separately from other items.