Vincenzo Coscia, founder of the company, foresaw the route to success.

In 1919 he left in his home-town Torre del Greco and traced his journey to a small island of Mozambique, whose beaches were strewn with Cornelian shells, considered the best in the production of cameos.

Continuously wandering, he was in search of precious, unique and original gems to be sold on the markets of New York, Cape Town, Sydney and other world capitals where he gradually opened new stores. It was the beginning of a thriving business, whose commands, after the sudden and premature death of the founder Vincenzo, were taken over by his wife Teresa, a woman of strong character and brilliant management skills.


In the 1950’s, his son Vittorio well understood the importance of the growing Asian markets where he started the trading of the most valuable qualities of Australian and Japanese cultured pearls.

Since then the business has greatly expanded, over the last twenty years Giancarlo Coscia has given the company an appropriate structure, enabling it to face the changing markets in accordance to the marketing guidelines which, however modern, have never altered the fundamental historical values of COSCIA company.

Nowadays, despite of being an international brand, Coscia is still deeply rooted in the Campania region: with an office in Torre del Greco, a town at the foot of the volcano Vesuvius, known worldwide for the production and manufacturing of coral and cameos, and they opened a showroom at the Goldsmith Centre,”The Tari”, in Marcianise.